About Sakura Sake Shop

Sake retailer, wholesaler and exporter established in 2013 by two sake experts and enthusiasts.
Focused on quality and sustainable sake breweries.

Two-classmates study abroad finding their passion for Japanese culture

Our founders were classmates and drinking buddies in college, and had a bit of a rivalry. In their senior year of college, they both studied abroad in different countries. Not being able to answer the questions of their friends was when they had the strong realization they want to be able to explain Japanese culture to their foreign friends and learn more about their own culture.

Spread Japanese culture across the world

This desire was born in the hearts of the two students. And out of all the many aspects of Japanese culture, they chose their favorite drink sake. Across over 1000 sake breweries produces delightful sake that even Japanese people do not know about. By sharing this wonderful part of the Japanese culture around the world, we hope also that Japanese people rediscover the greatness of their national drink. We chose "Sakura" for our company name because it is a flower that inspires Japanese identity and is loved by Japanese people.

Make people smile across the world through sake

To achieve this goal, we visited over 300 sake breweries across Japan and decided to sell only carefully curated sake, regardless of whether it is well-known or unknown. We do not just sell sake, but also deliver the story behind the sake - the people and the region. We aim to provide total coordination, from the brewer's background, to the food pairing, the vessel, the drinking scene, the history, and the culture.

Our Values

On a Mission

We will make you smile with Sake!


Challenge the status-quo and the development of traditional as well as international values.

Tasting event with different people trying out sake


Take pride in the Japanese culture and spread happiness throughout the world.


Protect agriculture & nature that nurtures sake, and create a sustainable long-lasting society.

Sake Experts

Our Team at Sakura Sake Shop

Yuichi Kondo

近藤 悠一

Representative Director

Born in Ogaki City, Gifu Prefecture in 1980. While a student at Kanazawa University, he studied abroad at State University of New York at Buffalo for one year. This experience gave him a strong sense of identity as a Japanese, and he decided to become involved with sake, which he loves the most in Japanese culture. After graduating from college, he worked for three years at a commodity futures broker in order to develop his sales skills above all else.

In 2007, he joined Yamanaka Sake Shop, a sake specialty store in Osaka. He started out as a hall staff at owned restaurant. After working in delivery and sales, he became the store manager eventually. In 2013, he returned to his birthplace Ogaki and launched Sakura Sake Shop together with Komazawa. Out of the Nagoya office he mainly conducts sales to restaurants and hosts sake meetings. He is a father of two who loves to enjoy his food & sake pairings. You can also find him on YouTube as the "Sake Prince" educating about sake.

Takeshi Komazawa

駒澤 健

Representative Director

Born in 1980 in Nagano, Japan. While a student at Kanazawa University, he spent a year as an exchange student at the Australian National University. With the drive to be able to explain Japan to other international students, he decided to work to promote Japanese culture to the world and chose the path of promoting his loving sake.  After graduation he went out to study other alcoholic beverages and he joined a bar in Hong Kong, where he learned cocktails and other drinks.

In 2007, he returned to Japan and joined Hasegawa Sake Shop, a sake specialty store in Tokyo. With roles at different stores he transferred to an affilated company where he was involved in sake wholesaling and exporting, product development, as well as setting up new stores and planning sake events in Japan and abroad. In 2013, he launched "Sakura Sake Shop" with together with his old friend Kondo. While working mainly on the export business from the Tokyo office, he also organizes various sake events. A father of two, who enjoys sake and housework.

Long Expertise

Our Company History


Apr, 2013

Shop Opening

The two university friends connected back together and co-founded Sakura Sake Shop Co., Ltd. with the goal to promote the Japanese sake culture.


Sep, 2014

Designated Exporter

Assigned to export operations for the support of overseas sales channel development sponsored by the National Federation of Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Assisted breweries from all over Japan to exhibit their products at international exhibitions.


Jul, 2016

Sake at French Embassy

Served sake at the French Revolution Day (Paris Festival) celebration reception hosted by the French Embassy in Japan (for the third consecutive year). Also in charge of "Kagami-biraki" (opening the traditional sake casks with hammers) during the toast.


Mar, 2017

Sake Party in Shanghai

Held a sake tasting party in Shanghai.


Mar, 2019

Brewer's Dinner in Hong Kong

Held a Maker's Dinner in Hong Kong in collaboration with three breweries.


Jun, 2019

Brewer's Dinner in Taiwan

Maker's Dinner and Sake Workshop with our portfolio brewery, held in Taiwan.


Dec, 2019

Sake Seminar in Sweden

Just before the COVID-19 pandemic, held a sake seminar at the Restaurant Academy in Sweden.


Mar, 2022

"For the Sake of Ukraine"

Released "SAVE UKRAINE" charity sake for humanitarian aid in Ukraine. All proceeds from sales were donated to the Japanese Red Cross Society "Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Relief Fund".


Company Profile

Company name


Representative directors

Yuichi Kondo (近藤 悠一),
Takeshi Komazawa (駒澤 健)


3-183, Kaihatsu-cho, Ogaki,
Gifu 503-0002, Japan
TEL: +81(0)584-74-7812
FAX: +81(0)50-3173-2120

Branch office

[Tokyo Branch]
2-36-1 Ikebukuro, Toshima-shi, Tokyo 171-0014, Japan
TEL: +81(0)3-6161-6325

[Nagoya Branch]
Hirokoji Fushimi Nakakoma Building 5F-64
2-2-1 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 460-0008, Japan


April 5, 2013

Line of business

Sales & promotion of Japanese sake (retail, wholesale, export), planning and management of sake events

Domestic customers

Over 500+ restaurants

Export countries

[Asia] Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Singapore, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines
[Europe] Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Czech, Austria, Netherlands
[Others] Canada, Australia, UAE

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