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Learn more about the Export and trade services, our custom product development services and other events and brewery tours we offer our partners.

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Minus 5 degree sake storage fridge


Sake Export & Trade

Import sake from Japan through us as your trade partner with access to over 500 products.

Sake bottle lineup

"Reikyo" (Niizawa Brewery, Miyagi) premium sake

Import unique sake

We provide a curated product selection based on your needs from which you can further select the sake bottles that you want to import. It does not stop here. We also provide sales & marketing resources for promotion of the sake products. Learn more about the export process here.

  • Select from over 1,000 curated sake bottles across a broad spectrum of flavors and categories
  • Smooth trade process with years of experience in exporting Japanese sake
  • Communication with the sake breweries all taken care of


Custom Product Development

Differentiate yourself with your private sake brand or customized sake bottle.

Private brand blended sake concept

Premium white label sake in box for exporting to overseas

Stand out from the crowd

Since our inception, we have created different private label sake bottles in collaboration with our portfolio breweries for the Japanese market. We also work together with our trading partners to develop customized sake for their market and customer needs.

Customized bottle labels, tailor-made bottles and own recipe - everything is possible. From the product ideation to the actual production at the brewery, we support along the whole process.

  • Supporting custom product development of your own sake bottle or brand
  • Private label or OEM sake with customized label design and product specifications
  • White label sake with customized label design
International sake event with sake pairing


Sake Events

Hosted sake events or tastings. Representation at exhibitions and trade shows.

Sake dinner with the brewers in Hong Kong

Sake promotion at retail store for one of our trading partners abroad

Sake needs to be explained

As certified sake experts, we frequently hold offline and online sake events, both for our B2B customers and the end-customers. We provide interactive educational content about the basics of sake and its production process, as well as guidance on tasting and food pairing.

For our trading partners abroad we provide training for the sales staff (online). Also, we bring the brewery to your country and support sake promotion events at your wholesale partner's restaurant or retail shop.

  • Hosted sake events and staff training with tasting sessions and educational content by our team (online/offline)
  • Bring the brewery to your country and hold a maker's dinner or workshop (online/offline)
  • Support your booth at international trade shows and exhibitions


Sake Brewery Tourism

Explore the sake production first-hand and meet the sake brewers in person.

Private sake brewery visit to one of our portfolio breweries

Dinner with the brewery of "Mutsu Hassen" Hachinohe Shuzo

Come to Japan and visit the artisans

We organize sake brewery visits of our over 50 portfolio breweries, for you to get to know the people behind each bottle better. Not only do you have the chance to meet the brewers, but also see the brewery facilities and if you are lucky the live production process. Note that during the brewing season it might be more difficult to visit some breweries.

  • Facilitation of sake brewery visits across Japan
  • Tour of the production facilities with ability to see processes like Koji making or fermentation starter preparation live in action
  • Meeting with the brewers and brewery owners

The Company

Your Trade Partner Of Choice

We are an online retailer and wholesaler with decade-long expertise in promoting and exporting Japanese sake. If it is a larger volume shipment of your own private label sake or just a few cases of premium sake for your restaurant to test waters, our export team of sake experts is there to help you.

Our Company

Sakura Sake Shop's two co-founders are tasting sake together with food pairings



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What We Offer

Our Value Proposition

Icon variety standing for the varieties and different types of sake that can be offer

Sake Export & Trade

Import sake from Japan through us as your trade partner with access to over 1000 products.

Icon flexible size showing the ability to export different lot sized of sake

Flexible Lot Sizes

For small operations orders from 1 case. Volume-based discounted pricing.

Icon quality mark indicating the our focus on quality sake and keeping the sake quality throughout the supply chain

Focus On Quality

Curation of high-quality breweries. Temperature controlled supply chain to ensure the best sake.

Icon speaking bubbles standing for the smooth communication to allow effortless importing of Japanese sake

Smooth Communication

Japanese sake experts with international experience eliminating all language & cultural barriers.

Icon custom form displays the our ability to produce original sake products

Original Products

Private or white label sake let you stand out from the crowd, with higher margins in reach.

Japanese Quality

Why Sake?

Japanese sake is one of the highest growing alcoholic beverage categories. It is the ideal food pairing companion for not only popular Japanese restaurants but also for a broad spectrum of cuisines around the world.

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Tasting event with different people trying out sake

Increasing demand

Sake exports are continously showing 2-digit growth year over year. Especially the popularity of Japanese food concepts contributes to the growth.

Private label sake for export abroad

Unlimited possibilites

Versatile drink that goes not only well with Japanese cuisine but also excels with other world cuisines. Can be served warmed and enjoyed solo as an apéritif.

Niizawa brewery's brewmaster tastes the freshly pressed sake for quality control

Japanese quality

Craftsmanship and Japanese quality are well known across the world. Unique stories around hand-crafted sake in local areas of Japan are appealing to the foreign audience.

People discuss about sake while looking at different bottles of sake at a sake tasting event

Interesting niche

As sake breweries just begin to open their eyes to the foreign markets, there is a huge opportunity to take an early position.

Partner with us to bring sake to your customers

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