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Hachinohe Brewery



Located in the coastal town of Hachinohe (Aomori Prefecture), the brewery of the brand Mutsu Hassen was founded in 1775 and is now run by the 8th generation owner, with the dedication to brewing excellent sake that uses sake rice, yeast and clear water from Aomori.


The story of Hachinohe Shuzo started in 1740 when the first-generation Komai Shozaburo left Omi Province (located in Shiga Prefecture along the western shore of Lake Biwa) for the land of Mutsu (now known as Tohoku) to find a suitable place to brew sake. Originally Shozaburo began as a malted rice (“Koji”) producer and he eventually founded the brewery in 1775.

Hachinohe Shuzo has followed his founder’s footsteps and has continuously produced sake for over 8 generations. The eighth-generation Shozaburo is focused on brewing sake that uses locally Aomori grown locally, aiming to create an environmentally friendly, healthy, and delicious local brand of sake. He also uses Aomori yeast, and famous spring water from the Kanisawa area to craft the Mutsu Hassen brand.

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Brewery Name

Hachinohe Brewery


Honchō-9 Minatomachi, Hachinohe, Aomori 031-0812


Mutsu Hassen


The ancient Chinese legend of the Eight Drunken Immortals, or Hassen in Japanese, tells various anecdotes about the Eight Immortals and their interesting ways of enjoying sake. Their sake “Mutsu Hassen,” which means the Eight Drunken Immortals of Tohoku, is named after this legend with the hope that sake enthusiasts can enjoy this rich and full-flavored sake Hachinohe Brewery is famous for.

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