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Arisawa Brewery



Founded in 1877, Arisawa is the producer of “Bunkajin” and led by 6th generation brewer Kosuke Arisawa. Together with his wife, he works on the continuous success of the brewery, which has recently won numerous awards. Their motto "Carefully craft sake until pressing, but do not alter the sake after pressing” comes through in their particularly fresh sake brews.


The brewery, founded in 1877, is located in Tosa, Kami City, about 30 minutes northeast of Kochi City by car. Currently, the sixth-generation brewer, Kosuke Arisawa, is in charge of sake brewing as brewmaster, and he and his wife are working together to make the brewery a success. The brewery is a talented brewery that has won numerous awards, including consecutive gold medals at the National New Sake Competition and the Shikoku New Sake Competition, where it also received the Superiority Award, the equivalent of a gold medal.

The company's motto for sake brewing is "Carefully craft sake until pressing, but do not alter the sake after pressing”. The sake is carefully pressed in a traditional wooden press called “Fune”, bottled unfiltered, rapidly cooled down after pasteurization, and stored at ice-cold temperatures, all in pursuit to maintain the original flavor of sake. The result: delicious sake with exciting freshness.

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Arisawa Brewery


1 Chome-4-1 Tosayamadacho Nishihonmachi, Kami, Kochi 782-0032




Bunkajin means literally "a person of fine letters," or a beautiful woman who excels in fields like literature and poetry. It was named after Tosa’s famous doctor “En" who mastered the art of medicine while imprisoned during the early Edo period.

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