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Hagino Brewery



Founded in 1840 in the once "bush clover village" of Kannari Arikabe, this brewery is a Miyagi sake pioneer, introducing early innovations like specially designated sake and refrigeration. The "Hiwata" brand, crafted by owner Yohei Sato since 2002, focuses on the traditional Kimoto process, while "Hagi no Tsuru" explores the Sokujo method, each aiming to create deep yet approachable sakes through advanced brewing techniques and meticulous storage management.


Kannari Arikabe was once known as "bush clover village" because of the beautiful flower of bush clover (Hagi), and the brewery and the sake derived from the naming. Founded in 1840, the brewery is one of the pioneers of Miyagi sake breweries that took prompt actions including making specially designated sake in Miyagi and the introduction of refrigerating warehouse earlier than other breweries.

In 2002, the sake brand "Hiwata" was produced by Mr. Yohei Sato, the current brewery owner. Hiwata is specialized in the Kimoto process and on the other side the brand "Hagi no tsuru" is limited in the Sokujo process and imposes a tentative method of at least one tank for each year. The brewery is aiming to make the sake have profoundness but not too heavy. Their high brewing technologies and storage management system supported by the theory make it possible.

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Brewery Name

Hagino Brewery


Arikabeshinmachi-52 Kannari, Kurihara, Miyagi 989-4806


Hagi No Tsuru, Hiwata, Sake for Glasses


Kannari Arikabe, where the brewery stands, was once called "Hagi no Mura" (Hagi Village), and as the name suggests, it was known for the beauty of its Hagi flowers.

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