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Hata Brewery



"Daijiro" named after its founder and head brewer, evolved from the local Kiryouyoshi brand to produce high-quality Junmai-style sake, gaining rapid popularity for its depth, with Daijiro Hata dedicating himself to crafting sakes that embody his craftsmanship and legacy.


“Daijiro”, which takes its name from the founder and current head brewer, was created several years ago with the intent of producing high quality Junmai-style sake. Prior to its current incarnation, it existed under the name Kiryouyoshi as a modest local brand before pursuing a more select clientele. The move appears to be working, as devotees continue to increase at a dramatic rate, attracted by the weight and depth of its sake. At first, namesake Daijiro Hata felt a sense of hubris in sharing his name with the label, but with growing determination, and having married in 2012, he now devotes himself to producing sake that will speak for itself as well as for his tenure as a craftsman.

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Hata Brewery


1410 Owakichō, Higashiomi, Shiga 527-0091




It is named after the founder of the brewery.

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