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Sumikawa Brewery



Brewery of the Toyo Bijin, which aims to be “clear water that has passed through the rice plan”. The brewery located in Yamaguchi is led by a young brewmaster, who trained at the famous Takagi Brewery (maker of Juyondai). With the goal of "from 0 to 1 sake cup," they are dedicated to crafting easily drinkable sake with gorgeous fruity aromas for people who have never had sake before.


The Sumikawa Brewery is led by Mr. Sumikawa, who trained at Takagi Shuzo, the brewer of "Juyondai," and is regarded as one of the best young brewers in the industry. He has been attracting fans not only in Japan but also around the world by producing delicious sake from locally contract-grown Yamada-Nishiki, Sake Mirai, Aiyama, Omachi, and other unique rice varieties. Toyo Bijin wants to be "clear water that has passed through the rice plant”.

On July 28, 2013, a torrential downpour hit this popular brewery, engulfing it in nearly two meters of earth and sand, causing catastrophic damage, but with the dedicated help of volunteers across Japan, the brewery miraculously recovered. Although it took some time to return to the previous production levels, the brewery is continuously evolving with its joy for sake brewing.

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Sumikawa Brewery


611 Nakaogawa, Hagi, Yamaguchi 759-3203


Toyo Bijin


Named after the first brewer's late wife.

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