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Imazato Brewery



Founded in 1772, Imazato Brewery is located in the Northern part of Nagasaki blessed with an ideal mild climate. Known for year-over-year high-quality sake, the brewery is one of the upcoming breweries from Kyushu Island.


The Imazato Brewery has over 250 years of history and was founded back in 1772. It is located in Hasami Town, famous for its pottery. In the northern part of Nagasaki Prefecture with its quiet basin surrounded by 400-meter-high mountains, the region has a cool and mild climate ideal for sake brewing.

The high quality and reproducibility of its sake have earned it high praise both in Japan and abroad, including first place in the sake competition sponsored by the Fukuoka Regional Taxation Bureau (Fukuoka, Nagasaki, and Saga), which is known for its high level of quality, and multiple gold medals in the National Sake Competition of Japan.

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Brewery Name

Imazato Brewery


596 Shukugo, Hasami, Higashisonogi District, Nagasaki 859-3715


Rokuju Yoshu


The name means "all of Japan" because Japan was once made up of more than sixty countries, and it was named with the hope that everyone in Japan would drink it.

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